About truCSR

  1. Social sector is an important sector for India’s economy and includes several important components  such as education, health and medical care, water supply and sanitation, poverty alleviation, housing  conditions etc. that play a vital contribution in human development. Due to the increasing need to  expand quality of life at the grassroots level and to spur innovative thought, the social sector in India  has been on a consistent reform track. This sector presents a unique and emerging business  opportunity, which balances investor returns with social responsibilities and aims to uplift  communities.

  3. The concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR) has existed in ancient India and our ancient  wisdom has framed a platform for CSR. Our rich ancient knowledge and tradition is the very basis of  modern corporate level CSR practices. Indian companies have been engaged in CSR/ charity/  philanthropy since time immemorial. The industrial families in India were strongly devoted to  philanthropically motivated, social and economic causes. Over the years, the growth of Indian  economy has given rise to individual philanthropists. The CSR movement advocates corporations to  play a role in resolving social problems due to their economic power and overarching presence in daily  life. Lately, India has gone further than any other country. In 2013, it enacted Section 135 of the Indian  Companies Act prescribing a mandatory “CSR spend of 2% of average net profits during the three  immediately preceding financial years” for all companies meeting specified financial thresholds.  According to an industry estimate, the mandatory CSR laws would apply to about 9,000-10,000  companies.
  5. On the other hand India has nearly 3.5 million NGOs, working in a variety of fields ranging from disaster  relief to advocacy for marginalised and disadvantaged communities. They are a major part of civil  society which bring rapid change and social transformation. These NGOs (as implementers) can help  the corporates, donors and philanthropists (as contributors) achieve their socio-economic objectives.  The corporates, philanthropists and donors, however, find it extremely difficult to discover credible  partners from such a vast pool.
  7. In order to address this issue, “truCSR” was conceptualized as an idea when a small team of like minded people came together and dreamt of changing the way CSR is practiced in India, with an  objective of introducing better accessibility and affordability. truCSR as a technology platform is aimed  at facilitating effective CSR activities by connecting various constituents in India’s social sector space.  By establishing a database of credible implementing outfits with whom the corporate entities as well  as the donor organisations can collaborate. truCSR shall endeavor to foster effective social  partnerships through Transparency, Reliability, and Utilitarianism as its core foundation. 

  8. We are in the process of on-boarding NGOs/NPOs as Implementers after carrying out requisite due  diligence on one hand and Corporates and donors as Contributors on the other. As a part of our on boarding process, we will be collecting details from NGOs/NPOs that are undertaking social  development programs/projects for communities and environment, and in turn help them in their  fundraising initiatives with passion and strong resolve to facilitate corporate social responsibility and  socio-economic development initiatives. As an aggregator, advisor, and consultant, truCSR is geared  up to build a community of stakeholders that uphold the foundation of social initiatives aimed to  generate beneficial social or environmental effect


  11. Mrs. Kanak Panpalia
  12. Kanak Panpalia is a Commerce Graduate from the University of Madhya Pradesh. She also holds a  Diploma in Systems Management. Kanak has over 14 years of experience in accounts, finance, HR and  Administration domains. She has been the Head of HR and Admin with IndiaNivesh Insurance Brokers  Private Limited since March 2013. Earlier she had worked as an Accounts Manager In Hemant Panpalia  & Co. Chartered Accountants. She also is a non-executive director of Bhaumik Real Estates Private  Limited. Kanak’s interest in social entrepreneurship began during her initial working days and  flourished further while assuming the role of a Trustee in the Panpalia Foundation, which is primarily  involved in providing aid and support for education and medical treatment to the needy and other  allied services. The quest to strengthen communities around and spread happiness led Kanak to co found truCSR with other like-minded people. 

  13. Mrs. Kanta Parakh 
  14. Kanta Parakh has an aggregate of 10+ years of experience in the social service space which includes  teaching orphans, imparting training to low-income group girls and women for self-development, self awareness, emotional management, spirituality and good virtuous. Being a Reiki Master, Kanta  voluntarily provides natural alternate methods of healing in her zest of curing pains and other  ailments. Kanta is also associated with various social welfare organizations like Rotary, Inner Wheel,  and Progressive Ladies Welfare Society and regularly takes part in various social welfare projects and  initiatives. Kanta is one of the key volunteers of Jeevan Jyot Cancer Relief and Care Trust, an NGO  engaged in providing help and support to cancer patients and their families and regularly visits various  hospitals and shelter homes to take part in its care and support initiatives. 

  15. Mrs. Mukta Lahoti 
  16. Mukta is a first-generation entrepreneur, currently the sole owner of Mukta’s Cakes, a cake boutique  in Navi Mumbai. She holds a Master’s degree in Literature. She is also a Sangeet Prabhakar in vocal  and instrumental music. She has been involved in teaching cooking to underprivileged girls and  women, helping them to augment their income for over 12 years. The exposure she gained through  this experience furthered her interest to work for societal development and well-being. Apart from  work, Mukta enjoys reading and music.  


  1. Mr. Pradeep Parakh 
  2. Pradeep Parakh has over 32 years’ experience in the domain of finance, accounts, audit, compliances,  corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, corporate restructuring,  sustainability practices, and strategic management. Pradeep holds a Bachelor’s degree with Honors  from Calcutta University and is a Fellow Member of both the Institute of Chartered Accountants of  India (ICAI) and the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI). During his long career in Industry,  he has served reputed Indian corporate groups like Birla, Paharpur, Ambuja Cement and Bajaj Groups.  Apart from his occupation, Pradeep, a Rotarian is actively involved in philanthropy and various social  service activities as a donor and volunteer.

  1. Mr. Hemant Panpalia  
  2. Hemant Panpalia is an entrepreneur by passion with 23+ years of experience in Financial  Management, Tax Management, Business Development, Customer Relationship Management, Audits,  Corporate Tax Due Diligence, and Corporate Compliances. Hemant is the co-founder of the  IndiaNivesh group which offers the entire gamut of financial services. Hemant has been active in  various social and charitable activities since his college days. He was the President of the Ekta Youth  Trust from 1991-93. After his successful practice of 10 years as a Chartered Accountant, with an  objective to give back to the society, Hemant is a founder Trustee of Panpalia Foundation, a charitable  trust, primarily involved in providing aid for education and medical treatment to the needy and other  allied services. Hemant is also a Trustee of Indian Youth Centers Trust, a Charitable Trust established  in 1961 that has set up “Vishwa Yuvak Kendra” primarily to orient the youth to the developmental  process and enable them to participate in the process of nation-building. 

  1. Mr. Vikas Lahoti 
  2. Vikas has 35+ years of professional experience and worked in large corporates like Bombay Tyres  International, Modi Xerox, Times of India, Etisalat Telecom, CF Biotec, Bajaj Group, etc. Vikas is a  Chartered Accountant and also holds a Master’s Business Degree in Finance & Marketing from the  Institute of Management Technology. He was extensively involved in Times of India Relief Fund which  had collected and effectively utilized huge sums of money for relief work during the Kargil War, Gujarat  Earthquake, Orissa Cyclone, etc.

  1. Dr. Anil Rishiraj 
  2. With over 39 years of professional experience, Dr. Anil Rishiraj has been working as a Senior  Management Executive with Large Corporate Groups for the last 13 years handling Business  Development, Corporate Affairs, Liaising & Networking at Higher Bureaucratic/Corporate Levels. Prior  to this, he has worked for over 26 years with Central Government Preventive & Investigative  Departments under the Ministry of Finance. With a Master of Arts Degree in Personnel Management & Industrial Relations, he holds a Degree of Doctor of Social Work and a Diploma in Human Resource  Management. He is also a Certified Anti Money Laundering Expert (CAME). A passionate Social  Worker, he is Secretary of Punjabi Cultural & Welfare Association (PCWA), a known Social, Cultural & Welfare NGO based in Navi Mumbai. 

  1. Mr. Haribhai Mori 
  1. Haribhai Mori has almost three decades of experience in the development and CSR sector. He did his  post-graduation in Forestry at Gujarat University and also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Science.  Haribhai currently oversees all the CSR projects of Bajaj Group, providing both strategic and logistical  support. Earlier, he served at Ambuja Cement Foundation and Agakhan Rural Support Program in a  leadership position. He is an expert in Rural Transformation Programs such as Natural Resource  Management (NRM) including Watershed and Water Resource Development, Sustainable Agriculture,  Livelihood, Women’s Empowerment, Non-conventional Energy Resources and Zero-budget Natural  Farming.  

  2. Mr. Upen Desai  
  3. An Entrepreneur and the “Technology Evangelist" - as known in the animation & VFX Industry, has  more than two decades of experience in media & entertainment businesses. A unique position with  20+ years of techno-creative experience, exposure to widely used technology solutions and 6+ years  in the startup phase as an entrepreneur, Upen brings unique value to the table. As CEO & co-founder  of SpeedGaze Technologies, which offers its products and services in Cloud Computing, Software  Development and new-age technology solutions for various companies in India and abroad. Upen is  credited with setting up the most economical and efficient animation production pipeline in the  country using open-source solutions for multiple studios like After Studios, Assemblage  Entertainment, 88 Pictures, Yashraj Films, to name a few. As an artist, he played a critical role in the  success of various award-winning animated shows such as Jakers – the Adventures of Piggley Winks,  Pet Aliens, Bratz, to Norm of the North a feature film for Lions-Gate and Trollhunters TV series for  Dreamworks. 


  5. Gopal Kumar Jain
  6. Chief Executive Officer
  7. Mr. Gopal Kumar Jain, a graduate in Agriculture from BHU and MBA from Nirma,  has over 26 years of experience in the development sector. He started his career in 1995, with development program execution at CEE, an institution, supported by the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India. Post that he has worked with organisations like Oxfam India, CASA and United Sisters Foundation, founded by Milind Soman. During this period, he has worked on projects in partnerships with several national and international organisations including UNEP, UNICEF, USAID, RGNIYD and several corporates. In addition to leading develop Programs he extensively worked on Events and Campaigns, fundraising and partnerships, organisation management and volunteering.

  8. Hrishikesh Kale 
  9. Product lead 
  10. Hrishikesh leads product management and lies at the juncture of Business, Technology & User  experience. He is a problem solver who intuitively brings value proposition out of it. He lives by the  mantra “Creating Human Centric Products”, hence obsessed with value deliverance to the  user/consumers. His core competency lies in leading cross functional teams to build highly productive  tech products that enhances the user experience. He is curious Tech lover who keeps on  experimenting & evaluating upcoming technologies such that it benefits the product users. He has  completed his graduation in Electronics & Telecommunications from Pune University, since then has  been building Technology products for his employers for past 6 years. 

  11. Jaykumar Patel
  12. Accounts Officer  
  13. Graduated from K.E.S. College, Jaykumar picked up his interest in Finance from early days, he has a 3+years of experience working with a CA firm, where he honed  Accounts Finalisation, Auditing and   Taxation.Being a finance person it's not necessary to say but in his free time he would read, analyse stock markets. Jay loves investing, adventure tours along with his favourite DSLR camera.