Refund Policy

Effective Date : 26th September 2022

  1. Please read the terms of use carefully before proceeding for your registration

  2. We at truCSR, adhere to the highest level of transparency and accountability with all stakeholders- donors or contributors and implementers. The refund policy is applicable only in case of duplicate/ multiple or wrong transactions. 


    We recognise that there could be chances of some unintentional donations, due to some human error or erroneous transaction made on truCSR platform. We assure you that any such transaction will be dealt with in the most ethical and transparent manner.

    Requests for refund will only be entertained for duplicate/ multiple or wrong transactions, due to human or technical error. For any such request, the donor must email at within 24 hours of the transaction mentioning the donor details, transaction details and reason for the request for refund.   

    The Company will refund the amount in 15 working days from the date of receipt of complete information. The Company will not be responsible for any wrong information. However, such refund will be subjected to applicable payment gateway fees and taxes.

    Subscription Fees:

    Subscription fees are charged annually and are non-refundable. However, the user (contributor or implementer) can cancel their subscription anytime before the expiry of the subscription and the subsequent annual charges will not be levied.  For any such request the user must email at mentioning their organisation details and the reason for cancelling the subscription.   

    Project Installments:

    For projects funded by contributors to an implementer, payment can be made one time, in installments or milestone based, depending upon the conditions mentioned in the project contract. Contributors can request a refund of duplicate/ multiple or wrong transactions, due to human or technical error, through an email at within 8 hours of the transaction made, mentioning their organisation details, project details and the reason for refund. Any refund due to project termination or any other changes, will be followed as per the contracts signed respectively.